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Led on Google Meet: Call opens at 7:45 PM; 8:00 - 9:00 PM ET
(Call opens at 4:45 PM; 5:00 - 6:00 PM PT)

The evening program consists of four parts:

Evening Sing, Evening Talk, The 9 O'Clock Prayer, and Afterglow.

First, join together on Google Meet to participate in Evening Sing, led by our song leader.

Next, listen to a live lamplighter talk about what God has done and is doing in their life. Speakers have come to Winni JFO from all parts of the country and the world to share their individual stories of faith, hope and love. JFO speakers are unique as they are "campers first" and their talks are part of the greater camp experience. See below for the schedule of and additional information about this year's speakers, or to watch their recorded talk afterwards.

The camp day traditionally ends with the 9 O'Clock Prayer. JFOers around the world unite in the

9 O'Clock Prayer for peace every evening: 

"Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me. Amen."

Afterglow will commence immediately following the Evening Sing and Talk. End your camp day with collective time to gather. Bring your own snacks and beverages to enjoy!

Click the button below to join Google Meet for today's Evening Program.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to: 

View the schedule of, additional information about, and recordings of lamplighter talks;

Go to the Morning Meditation page; or

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Evening Program: About

Click on the video below to begin watching a recording of each day's Evening Program.

Click the "X" in the upper-right hand corner of the expanded window, or the "Escape" key on your keyboard, to return to this page of the website.

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Susan Kerr

Susan Kerr comes from a family that has been attending Winni CFO/JFO since her parents were teenagers. She has been an active member of King's Grant Presbyterian Church for 40 plus years.  She enjoys singing with the sanctuary choir and the music team and is a member of the handbell choir.  She has worked with the youth of her church in various ways.  She retired in June of 2020 after 31 years in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, where she taught 3rd grade and kindergarten. She lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Jay.

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Louis Sirico


Lou Sirico has attended CFO/JFO since 2017. By day, he works in the high-tech sector building cloud-based FinTech solutions. He is also a ninth-degree grandmaster and certified teacher in DivineYu Usui Reiki as well as a certified Life Insights Instructor. Lou is trained in numerous mind-science and energetic healing practices including Kabbalistic, Buddhist, and ancient Himalayan Priest healing practices. He has spent more than two decades incorporating these practices into aspects of everyday life and spends evenings and weekends practicing and teaching these amazing life-improving skills to others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec Canada with his wife Lisa and their family.

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Johnann Johnson


Danny Thomas

Johnann Johnson first found CFO/JFO in 1982, and it has been a full and loved part of her life ever since. She has found joy as a council ring member, youth leader, creatives leader, and speaker. Her spiritual life is full of experimentation as she uses 'prayer laboratory' intention in building her ever-growing faith. Johnann is a holistic wellness coach and birth doula with a passion for helping clients develop their best and highest lives, healing naturally in body, mind and spirit. Johnann and her husband Michael share a blessed life with her mom, aunt and dog in Yuba City, CA. Her tight bonds with her family and an open-hearted faith bring her peace and joy.

Danny Thomas is Executive Director of The Peace Center, an organization that works to educate, empower and enrich lives by building bridges toward a positive peace that is based in social justice, equity and equality. Prior to The Peace Center, Danny served several communities in New Jersey as a pastor. He most recently served two New Jersey congregations with diversely different backgrounds. In college, a religion professor introduced Danny to the concept of God’s Divine Plan and the writings of Glenn Clark. He first attended Winni in 2017. Danny believes that every day provides an opportunity to engage in God’s Divine Plan for creation. Every day holds the potential to encounter God, most often when engaging with other people. Through telling bits of his own journey from science geek with a research laboratory, to seminary at Princeton, to working as a chaplain in Uganda, to his current work at The Peace Center, Danny will share his own path (and struggles) in learning to listen and to be where he is most needed.

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